Kids Barn

In 2012, the Kentucky Horse Park celebrated the grand opening of its newest barn, designed specifically for youth ages 13 and under.

The Kids Barn is an interactive facility with daily educational and fun activities that are guaranteed to capture even the youngest child's attention. Kids will get the opportunity to help our friendly staff groom horses, go on scavenger hunts, meet miniature mares and foals, and jump their own course of fences in the "Champion's Arena" located in the grassy area right beside the barn. Included with park admission, the Kids Barn activities are sure to keep the young (and young at heart!) engaged and entertained all day long.

Volunteer in the Kids Barn!

KIDS BARN DAILY SCHEDULE (March 16th – November 6th)

All Day Self Guided Tour of Kids Barn (March 16th – November 6th):

Along with scheduled activities in the Kids Barn, it will be open daily for visitors to follow the self guided tour. Topics presented in the Kids Barn will be laid out in depth throughout the barn; each stall will represent a different topic area of the equine industry. Programs, classes, and clinics that are offered through the KHP Education Department can also be found on the KHP website!

Groom and Shine:

The residents of the Kids Barn need help! After playing in their paddocks all day, they’re in need of some TLC to make their coats shine. Here, children learn about grooming tools, their uses and the techniques used to groom a horse or pony. Once a general understanding of the practice has been established, the children watch park staff clean up the ponies and then try it on their own with our mannequin horses! (A great hands on activity for children of any age)

  • Spring & Fall Season Groom and Shine: 9:30am and 2:45pm
  • Summer Season Groom and Shine: 9:30am and 2:45pm

Bath Time:

The equine residents of the Kids Barn almost always need a bath to get ready to meet the public, so visitors are welcome to watch as we clean and prep our ponies for action. Staff will discuss the importance of proper grooming and cleaning as it pertains to health care and coat maintenance, as well as also how to introduce bath time to youngsters.

Other Activities Throughout the Day:

Scavenger Hunt:

A list of scavenger hunt items will be listed on pieces of paper available for taking at both ends of the barn. The object is for children to take their time finding the items around the park while visiting with their family.

Jump a Course:

Located just outside the Kid’s Barn, “Champion’s Arena” will be a place in which children can expend some energy over a miniature scale show jumping course (jumps donated by USHJA). Courses will be posted and changed weekly to give children am ongoing challenge as well as some much needed exercise.

Breeds of the Day:

Between two and four breeds of horses or ponies are on display in the Kids Barn on a daily basis. Accompanying these horses is a description of the breed, its origin, uses, and characteristics to show visitors the variety of horse and pony breeds in the equine world, and to educate them on the value of finding a good mount for their child.