Praise for the Park

Over the years, we have received many warm and wonderful notes from park patrons, so we have decided to create some space on our website where we may display them. Read and enjoy! We certainly did. Thanks to all who have taken the time to write to us during our 35-year history. We certainly appreciate your continued support.

Hey Candace,

I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know how fun it was to work at the Big Barn last Saturday. Surprisingly, it was so much less intimidating working with those bigger horses than even Bluegrass and the other standard sized horse I worked with at orientation. It was nice to meet Devon and Debbie, Harold, Jess and Tyler. Would you let Devon/Andy know that Jess was AMAZING. I just so happened to run into her while she was leading 2 of the Belgians up the barn, and she was so helpful and instructive the whole time I was there. I definitely will be heading back to that barn.

(Lexington, KY)

July 4, 2013

My husband and I spent the day at Kentucky Horse Park today. We live in California and are vacationing in this area. We both want to thank you for a wonderful day. The park was so great! We loved the horses and the beauty of the property and the staff was so cordial and helpful. We had lunch in the restaurant and the food was reasonably priced and delicious. The price of admission was also very reasonable. I enjoyed buying several items from the gift shop. Thank you to everyone involved in the Park for creating and maintaining such a wonderful place.


June 24, 2013

I just wanted to send you a quick Thank You for last Friday. I think everyone enjoyed their time and the food and service. It was a great place to host our event and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kentucky/Downstate Illinois

June 24, 2013

Dear Mr. Scales:

Allow me to express my appreciation for the superb job performed by your staff during the May 22, 2013, event at the Kentucky Horse Park. It was evident from the reports I've heard that the mounted horse reception, the tours, and especially the dinner at the museum, assisted in making the event special.

I wish to express a special thank you to Cindy who worked tirelessly with both my staff and the depot to ensure the success of this event.

(Washington, DC)

Both my husband & I enjoyed our visit. The beauty & history are beyond words, but it has been one of the greatest & most enjoyable tours we have been to. Also the hospitality of the people that work there, very gracious & helpful, and with a smile on their faces. You could tell they are happy working there with the horses. Again thank you, and, God willing, will be back next year. Thank you & God Bless All of You.

Sincerely yours,
H.M. & C.M.
Central Florida

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful visit to the Kentucky Horse Park. Our family had a great time at the park and also really enjoyed the Unique Farm Tour. I'm looking forward to sharing our experience with my readers.

Thanks again!
Grand Rapids, MI

June 10, 2013

Hi Everyone!

USA was amazing! Had such fun at The Kentucky Horse Park, met incredible people. The Park has a strange way of creeping deep into your heart, I don’t know if it is the beautiful big paddocks with white fences, the big barns, the green grass, the big trees, the horses wherever you look, the fantastic people. It's magical…

I was very privileged to give some lessons to some of the mounted police unit riders. I was so fortunate to have been able to ride two of the unit's fabulous horses. Captain Rakes is a phenomenal rider, along with all the other riders at the unit. They keep the Park a safe place. I was so impressed with the professional and still incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere around the Police Barn. With beautiful horses receiving all the love and care they desire, coupled with incredible training, what more is there to say than just how absolutely fantastic it was to walk in that barn every morning.

The Breed Barn was also very exciting, they have about 60 different breeds under one roof! They have two performances every day displaying only a handful of the horses, it’s just amazing to see how many different disciplines there are and how the horses are suited to them in different ways. Mindy and Tommy are incredible at what they do. It’s not easy to ride so many different types of riding all in one day! I take my hat off to you guys, you and your team of riders are incredible.

Thank You to Colleen for everything! The International Society Of Rider Biomechanics is a fantastic way to get Coaches qualified, knowing that they will teach safely and correctly. The Symposium was a huge success and I am sure next year will be even bigger. Colleen and her husband Nick where amazing hosts and spoilt me rotten. I was so lucky to ride Colleen’s horse Saint, a Friesian cross Morgan gelding every day I was there. What a great horse and I am sure we will one day see him in very high places. Thank you Colleen for showing me a fantastic world!

I also got the chance to see more of the Parelli world, accompanied by Photonic Health (red light therapy) and PFM Technique (I can only describe this as a healing touch, it was magical!). I was so lucky to be able to ride Saint in a Parelli Saddle everyday and on top of that Dr Karen Young did treat him as well (PFM Technique) and giving him the right amount of correct training everyday he blossomed into an even bigger superstar! It is amazing to actually see and feel the difference in the horse and in myself when you have all the pieces of the puzzle together and it forms a beautiful picture.

I’m very pleased to announce that I have been awarded the International Society Of Rider Biomechanics Rider Of The Year 2013, Thank you to all of you, without you I would not be where I am today, it is such a privilege to be involved with your horses and to have you as my clients and riders. There are so many new opportunities on the horizon and I think we as riders and our beloved horses will just reap the benefits of this amazing sport of Equestrian.

Kind Regards,
South Africa,Gauteng, Pretoria

June 5, 2013

Please let your staff know how much I appreciated their help during the Family Fest.

I want to personally thank you, as well, for all of your hard work.

It was a great success!

God bless,
Lexington, KY

"Thank you very much for an outstanding event last night. I do believe our guests had a wonderful time and enjoyed themselves immensely. I know the logistics and detail it takes to pull off such an event and each of you made it feel seamless. We appreciate all of your effort. Thank you so much." --J.J. (Nicholasville, KY)

June 3, 2013

I felt the need to share with you my impressions of the 25th Anniversary Mass at the horse park yesterday.

I spoke to a Horse Park employee named Mitchell on my way out. He was directing traffic in front of the arena. He said it was one of the smoothest-run events he had ever been part of since he came to work at the park! BIG kudos to all, (horse park personnel and local police worked seamlessly and side-by-side with all the diocesan volunteers)… was basking in the afterglow last evening.

All the ‘little’ details made the experience SO much better. For example, we sat in the 3rd row from the front. The very first row had been roped off, and we wondered why. Our curiosity was rewarded when it was time to receive Jesus’ Precious Body. The flow of a sea of humanity was wonderful!! I’d never have thought to do that… sheer genius, I tell ya!!

It was amazing—and I am grateful beyond words!!

'Thanks' is SUCH an inadequate word... monumental efforts on everyone's part made this one for the memory books for sure. We did good, Diocese of Lexington... on to 50 now... I hope I am alive to witness it!

God’s richest blessings to all of you……
Lexington, KY