Volunteer & Internships

Internship Opportunities

1. Complete the internship application, waiver and background check (no fee).

2. Must be at least 18 years old and pass the background check.

3. Schedule an interview and orientation.

We are currently accepting applications for the Campground Recreation, General Equine, Landscaping, Marketing, Museum Collections, and Museum Education internship.

Please click on the links for more information about each internship. These positions are unpaid and for students seeking college credit only.

Equine and Mustang Troop applicants must have a moderate amount of experience working with horses.

Volunteer Opportunities

1. Complete the volunteer application, waiver and background check (no fee).

2. Must be at least 18 years old and pass the background check. 

3. Schedule an interview and orientation.


Get up close and personal with our beloved horses! Help with general stable duties such as washing, mucking, grooming and harnessing. Volunteer in the Hall of Champions with our celebrity horses, with over 40 different breeds in the Horses of the World, in the Big Barn with draft horses, the Kids' Barn or Farrier Shop. You will get your boots dirty!

Hands-on Trainings are offered to volunteers with limited experience and provide an opportunity to gain valuable skills and confidence while being taught by one of our equine specialists. Volunteers learn about horse behaviors, barn and pasture safety, grooming, haltering and leading.

Park Representative:

Volunteers advise and direct guests on how to best enjoy their time at the park. Help at the daily shows, give tours and assist with special events! Help visitors navigate the grounds and provide information about activities, programs and equine presentations.

Tour guides give interpretive tours on foot and on shuttles to the thousands of adult and school groups that come to the park each year.

Special Event  volunteers provide information at booths, advise visitors, take tickets, register guests, sort t-shirts, stuff goodie bags, direct 5k runners, run activity stations, handle mini horses, hand out giveaway items and drive shuttles.

Assist with merchandising and decorating in the Gift Shop and Tack Shop or with registration, cleaning sites and shuttling at the Campground.

Behind the Scenes:

Volunteers help with office duties, landscaping, general maintenance and the vital preparation for special events. Contribute in the International Museum of the Horse on projects including exhibitions, archives, library, research, and conservation.

Volunteer Calendar

"Horse Whispers" volunteer newsletter - January 2015

January 3 & 4 - Truck & Tractor Pull

April 11 - Hands-on Training

April 4 - Hippity Hoppity Hunt at the Campground

April 23 - 26 - Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event

May 3 & 4 - Cross Country Schooling Days

May 17 - High Hope Steeplechase

May 23 - KY Dressage Association

June 7 - Cross Country Schooling Days

June 16-July 31 - Mustang Troop

July 26 - Hats Off Day

September 13 - Horses & Hope

October 11 - Battle in the Saddle: Celebrity Team Penning

October 17 & 24 - Halloween at the Campground

November 19 - Southern Lights Stroll

November 20 - December 31 - Southern Lights Holiday Festival


Candace Rose, Volunteer and Outreach Manager, (859) 259-4267