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On Sunday, July 2, champion Standardbred trotter Mr. Muscleman will be inducted into the Harness Racing Living Horse Hall of Fame. To be inducted into one of the horse world’s most prestigious halls of fame, Mr. Muscleman would have to be an exemplary horse, exhibiting the best qualities of the Standardbred. Given his incredible record, it is no surprise that he has been selected.

Born in April 2000 on Brittany Farms in Kentucky, Mr. Muscleman was a pretty bay colt. His owners undoubtedly had high expectations for him. When the colt began to race two years later as a trotter, he showed great promise. Yet, it is likely not even his owners expected such success as he brought them.

Over the span of five years, Mr. Muscleman accrued $3,582,823 with thirty-seven wins. He was the richest active trotter when he retired. This is quite the feat when only he and one other Standardbred has made $1 million in two nonconsecutive seasons. Making such earnings is rare for Standardbreds.

As a gelding, Mr. Muscleman could not be retired to stud. Two years after his racing career ended, Mr. Muscleman joined the Hall of Champions at the Kentucky Horse Park in October 2009. He is a favorite with the staff and visitors due to his friendly and kind nature.

Mr. Muscleman’s induction into the Living Horse Hall of Fame is on Sunday, July 2. Congratulations to a deserving champion!

Photo of Mr. Muscleman by Steve Faust