Mounted Police Barn

While watching over the security of the park, its visitors and horses, the KHP Mounted Police can be seen 24 hours a day, 365 days of a year, patrolling the park’s 1,200+ acres.

The Kentucky Horse Park Mounted Police Stables are located in the center of the park where officers provide daily barn tours and perform their patrol duties either by horseback, motor vehicle, on foot or golf cart. They are first responders in emergency situations and play a unique role in the park’s interactions with its visitors.

Patrolling from horseback, KHP Mounted Police officers establish a dialogue with tourists and the horse community alike. This dialogue allows them to be goodwill ambassadors of the Kentucky Horse Park.

The responsibilities of the KHP Mounted Police Department are:

  • Provide uniform patrol service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Provide traffic control and related duties for large events
  • Monitor and respond to the fire and security alarm system
  • First responders in emergency and/or crisis situations
  • Investigate criminal and non-criminal complaints to include personal injury and accident reports
  • Enforce Kentucky Administrative Regulations
  • Coordinate with cabinet officials and other law enforcement agencies on special events
  • Promote and maintain positive public relations
  • Maintain safe and suitable horses capable of performing police related patrols and details
  • Perform ceremonial duties by participating in honor guard and escort details

Generally, the mounted police horses are a draft or draft cross breed that are big boned and durable, but also athletic in build. They possess a kind disposition, and are docile, friendly and curious in character. Mounted Patrols are effective for crowd control in many ways. Because of the height the officer gains when mounted (giving an overall height of almost 9 feet), officers can see over the crowd and spot problems. The highly visible officer presence can make unruly elements in a crowd think twice before creating a problem. If a disturbance does occur, mounted officers can quickly disperse an unruly crowd, most of the time without ever having to make contact with the persons being moved.

As our guests come to the Kentucky Horse Park to visit with horses, often times, the KHP Mounted Police horses are the first ones they come into contact with. Guests can be seen touring our stables, interacting with the officers and petting the police horses. The KHP Mounted Police has also been instrumental in promoting the park by providing demonstrations for school groups, participating in parades and other high profile events.

The KHP Mounted Police and the Lexington Mounted Police units host the annual National Mounted Police Colloquium and Civilian Sensory Clinic at the Kentucky Horse Park. National and international instructors are brought in to instruct both police and civilians in various types of training to include equitation, jumping, crowd control and sensory techniques. This event brings together people and horses from all around the country to learn new techniques, share ideas, and train their amazing horses. Training is always conducted in a controlled environment geared to improving the confidence of both the horse and rider.