Parade of Breeds Show

The Kentucky Horse Park is not only THE place to get close to horses, it’s also one of the few places on earth to see so many equine breeds.

March 15- November 5

See the Parade of Breeds Show, daily at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

With music, narration and interaction, humankind’s six thousand year partnership with the horse is brought to life. From the rare Marwari to the iconic American Quarter Horse, breed representatives perform in hand and under saddle. During the summer season, breed representatives perform in colorful attire that evokes the culture, time period, and customs of their native land. During the spring and fall seasons, the demonstration is likely to be more casual in nature.

Every Parade of Breeds Show includes an opportunity for guests to take photos, pet our equine performers, and chat with our riders.

Visit the Breeds Barn throughout the day (especially in the morning) to see horses being bathed, groomed, and trained for the afternoon show.


Join us in the Breeds Barn!

Guest Weekends

Guest Weekends were established to allow registries, clubs, organizations, and associations a chance to highlight their trademark breed or discipline in the Parade of Breeds Shows. It is proven that Guest Weekends are not only educational, but they are also great opportunities for outside exhibitors to showcase their horses at the Kentucky Horse Park. Guest Weekend participants perform twice-daily in the Parade of Breeds Shows and greet our visitors at ring-side or in their stables following each presentation. The park strives to fill each weekend throughout the summer with a different highlight.

For more information, contact our Entertainment Director at (859) 259-4223 or via e-mail at

List of live breeds represented in the Breeds Barn:

American Miniature Horse
American Morgan Horse
American Mustang
American Paint Horse
American Paso Fino
American Quarter Horse
American Saddlebred
Chincoteague Pony
English Shire
Fell Pony
Gypsy Vanner
Kiger Mustang
Norwegian Fjord
Shetland Pony
Shire Sport Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Welsh Cob

Additional breeds represented on the park:

Suffolk Punch

The Kentucky Horse Park is the best place around to see horses of all breeds. If you're a horse enthusiast, don't miss out on these amazing events showcasing the immense variety and skill found in the world of show horses.